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Date Released Newsletter Topics Download PDF
2015 September - Printer Driver version 14.40 is released! Improved PDF Printing, Email Sending with Audit Logging, Amazon SES compatibility and New features for POS (Point of Sales) to predefine the email subject and body! PDF
2015 August - Auto-print SDK version 14.40 is released! Improved detection of damaged PDF documents, improved HTML webpage printing and more! PDF
2015 August - Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX version 12.54 is released! Improved rendering quality in BiDisp control and more! PDF
2015 July - Document Converter Configuration Manager to help Administrators configure the Printer Driver settings for specific user(s) or user group(s) quickly and easily. PDF
2015 June - Add Agent Printers during the installation for frequently used, routine tasks PDF
2015 June - Automate Work-Flow With the Black Ice Printer Drivers PDF
2015 May - Printer Driver 14.33 is released! Automatically Upload printed documents to FTP! PDF
2015 April - Printer Driver Internationalization! PDF
2015 April - Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX 12.53 is released! Added Paste (Ctrl+V) capability for Note and Text annotations, Improvements for the OCR and for the installation! PDF
2015 March - Printer Driver 14.30 is released! Multi-printers are available in Demo Printer Drivers, improved 'Merge to PDF' and 'Merge to TIFF' profiles, Debug Logging, API/Resource Toolkit and more! PDF
2015 March - Auto-print SDK 14.27 is released! Improvements for Merging documents, for Logging, for Profiles and dozens of stability improvements! PDF
2015 February - Auto-print SDK 14.25 is released! New - Multi-Threaded C# Converter Samples! New - C# Service Sample! PDF
2015 February - Printer Driver 14.25 is released with Multi-printer Installation! Turning the computer into a High Volume document converter! PDF
2015 January - Printer Driver 14.20 is released! Significantly improved printing speed to PDF file format! PDF
2015 January - Auto-print SDK 14.19 is released! Adobe Acrobat Pro support and improved PDF, HTML and XPS printing! PDF
2015 January - Printer Driver 14.19 is released! Significant improvements in the installations, Start Application Feature, Message Interface and Auto-print Samples! PDF
2014 December - ONCE A YEAR OPPORTUNITY! Sales reminder: Only 1 more day left! PDF
2014 December - Printer Driver 14.17 is released! Improvements to significantly speed up printing time! PDF
2014 December - Happy Holidays from Black Ice Software! Once a Year Savings! 25% Off in December! PDF
2014 November - Auto-print SDK 14.16 is released! Exact file naming, Conversion Profiles, Environment Variables, Auto save and more! PDF
2014 October - Auto-print SDK is released! PDF
2014 October - Printer Driver 14.15 is released! Improved PDF, HTML and AutoCad printing and improvements for Auto-print Samples! PDF
2014 September - Printer Driver 14.14 is released with new BiCommandLineConverter! New Predefined Profiles for commonly used conversions! PDF
2014 August - Printer Driver 14.12 is released! New BiCommandLineConverter for batch convert documents from command line... PDF
2014 July - New Printer Driver with a new Fax optimized resolution! Rotation, 200 DPI Fax Resolution and more.. PDF
2014 July - Printer Driver 14.11 is released! Rotate Printed Documents 90, 180 or 270 degrees and more... PDF
2014 June - Printer Driver 14.07 is released! New Debugging Option to speed up troubleshooting... PDF
2014 June - Printer Driver 14.04 is released! Simplified API/RTK, Reorganized Samples and Improved PDF Printing PDF
2014 May - Print Header and Footer with the Black Ice Printer Driver! PDF
2014 May - Print from smartphones to the Black Ice Printer Driver through Citrix! PDF
2014 May - Printer Driver Opening New PDF Features! - New PDF Features for viewing PDFs after Printing! PDF
2014 April - Print From Windows Services! - New Auto-print API, Improved PDF Printing and improved Redirect printing! PDF
2014 April - Document Imaging SDK 12.52 is released! Improved License Registration, Twain Scanning and more... PDF
2014 March - Default Printer Set Up during the installation and stability improvements for Saving documents PDF
2014 March - Printer Driver MSI Installer Logging Registration Process! PDF
2014 February - Printer Driver 13.90 is released with Optical Character Recognition! PDF
2014 January - Printer Driver 13.81 is released! New Message Capture Service and Print to Memory VB Samples and more... PDF